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If your website is already mobile-responsive, that doesn’t mean that it is fully optimised for users. Here are a few ways that you can further optimise the user experience for mobile users:

  • When testing your site, please make sure you do tests on multiple screen sizes. This can help you identify issues such as headings that are too long and more for certain screen sizes that you can tailor to suit each device.
  • Compare the analytics of desktop and mobile devices to see if there are any major issues, such as a significantly higher bounce rate on mobile for example. From here, you can go ahead and investigate the issue and work on fixing it.
  • When doing A/B tests, segment desktop from mobile devices to compare which device performed significantly better. If mobile performed very badly, then you can investigate why this is the case and make changes accordingly.
  • Understand the typical environment of mobile users in your industry. For example, desktop users at a specific company could be at home and taking their time to order supplies from your site. However, mobile users could be on a building site and might need to order something urgently from your site. Therefore there is a significant difference in the environment and, therefore, the users' stats.

Blue Beetle can help further optimise your site for mobile. Contact us for a quote.

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