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Google is one of the leading search engines, and its main aim is to let users have a high-quality experience when using its platform to keep people coming back. However, most of the content on their platform is generated by consumers and businesses. There are also millions of websites on the platform, many of which have similar content. Google can’t manually evaluate sites to determine which is better as this will take years and hundreds of employees and be highly ineffective; therefore, they created an algorithm instead.

re you aware that the responsiveness of your site affects your website’s ranking? As mobile devices have become more “smart” in recent years, consumers tend to use smartphones more often than desktop devices. Therefore, in recent years responsiveness has been part of Google’s algorithm and plays a significant role in your website ranking as it affects the user experience.

If you visit your website from your mobile device and you don’t have a very good experience, then Google is also most likely penalising your site. Blue Beetle can help make your website more responsive. Get in touch for a quote.

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