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Yes it's true: Spam has given email a pretty bad name but to be honest, when used properly, email is still a very powerful, efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with your database. If you're looking to keep your customers informed about company updates and news, want to develop further business opportunities or simply nurture relationships, we can help you use email to do that very effectively.

Say No To Spam

Having said that, it's important to state from the outset that we can only help you communicate with your existing database and/or help you build one. We cannot provide you with a database or help you email one you've purchased from somewhere else. We're very serious about spam and as a result, our policy is such that we can only help you email recipients who have expressly given you express permission to email them.

With that ugly matter out of the way, what exactly can we do for you? Well, the options are numerous. It all depends on what level of control you need and how much or how little you want to do yourself.

HTML Email Design & Development

First off is the creation of the emails themselves. If you already have your email designed and coded then you can skip to the next part Otherwise behold! This is one of our core strengths: the design and creation of beautiful HTML email templates from which you can create any number of different types of emails.

Our emails are fully accessible, gorgeous to look at and can be customised to your heart's content

All of our templates are fully tested and mobile friendly. In fact, we design with mobiles first in mind, because that is where your email is most likely to be read these days.

We also like to make our templates modular so that you can pick and choose the components you want when compiling an email, depending on whether you're sending out a quick announcement or a fully-fledged newsletter. (Of course, if you'd rather not compile the emails yourself, we can do that for you.)

Campaign Management

Once you have your email ready, it's time to send it out to your database. Again, we can give you the ability to do that yourself, or manage it on your behalf.

Besides sending the email to your subscribers, we also have the ability to run spam checks and A/B testing. Whether you want to test a subject line or even changes in the body of the email, our system can send different versions to a small portion of your database, see which ones perform the best and automatically send the winning version to the rest of the list.

Email Marketing Reporting
Email Marketing Report


This is where the real power lies. It's not a matter of hitting the send button and hoping for the best. We can tell you a lot about how your email is performing in real-time:

All this information is very useful to help you make educated decisions for your next email.

List Management

You can create any number of lists, each with varying degrees of segmentation. And don't worry, unsubscribes and list cleaning are automatic. You won't inadvertently email someone twice, or someone who's opted out.

We can even help you grow your lists automatically by creating a subscribe page or adding a form to your website or Facebook page.

All in all, the possibilities are endless!

Request A Demo

If you'd like to keep your contacts engaged and take advantage of the features above, drop us a line and we'll set up a demo account for you to try out. Or if you need more information about the features, check out the Blue Beetle Email Marketing website.

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