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Digital marketing is at the core of Blue Beetle’s service offering; we craft solutions for our clients that span the complete customer lifecycle: from marketing through sales and into customer success.

Everything we do is technology-enabled and supported by our in-house team, with demonstrated expertise in many discrete disciplines and experience working with a wide range of clients and sectors in the MENA.

Our creative digital campaigns offer a complete package from Google Ads and SEO to social advertising and digital services that optimise your media budgets and minimise waste.

Effective digital marketing is about creating genuinely helpful customer experiences on the web that makes a connection, build trust and inspire action.

So our focus is on creating value for your customer. We do this by getting the right content, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

We can help you with...

The Inbound Methodology

We help you attract more leads, convert more customers and increase sales and revenue

dubai digital marketing agency
Social Publishing

The first phase concerns turning a stranger to your business into a visitor. You do this by attracting prospects to your website by answering the questions they are asking online, specifically by blogging and SEO.

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Landing Pages

Once the visitor is on your website, we ensure you offer multiple places to convert. We employ clear call-to-actions, landing pages, and forms strategically placed across your website.

dubai inbound marketing agency

By now, the contact has given you some of their information and is ready to be nurtured through the buyer's journey. Here we use marketing automation tools such as workflows and email marketing.

inbound marketing agency dubai
Smart Content
Social Monitoring

Your salesperson has qualified the lead, and they have successfully sealed the deal. But the work continues. You need to engage with your customers and provide ongoing support continuously.

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Our Process

A simple two step process to establish a solid foundation and cadence for success 💥


Phase 1 - Building Your Inbound Foundation

Foundation Phase

Building Your Inbound Foundation

The first phase of your digital marketing plan is setting the foundation for your long-term goals. This part of the process will be happening “behind the scenes” as you’re getting started.

Buyer Personas

The first order of business in digital marketing is to define your ideal buyer profiles, known as your personas. Typically this is 2-3 profiles that will determine your goals, your strategy, and your messaging from here on.

Situational Analysis

Before you can set goals or determine the quick wins for content, it’s important to take a snapshot in your digital marketing performance to date. This involves completing a content audit, competitor analysis, website audit, and keyword research.

Goal Setting

The objectives you set are what will keep you, your sales team, your whole company and Blue Beetle aligned and help everyone work together as one. All decisions, marketing efforts and deliverables will be aligned to help reach these goals.

Strategy Building

Once we know the people you need to reach, the benchmarks and resources available, and the targets you need to hit – it's time to outline your content strategy. For example, draft the first offers and blog posts you plan to produce for your audience.


Phase 2 - Launch, Report, Iterate, Repeat

Cadence Phase

Launch, Report, Iterate, Repeat

Now that your foundation is in place and your content is in the queue, it's time to launch and bring in the leads. Results will be closely monitored and used to inform strategy revisions.

Conversion Assets

You've got to give to get. We'll help you make sure you're offering the right resources to your target market.

Search Engine Optimisation

Content is king. We'll ensure you stay at the forefront of content creation and continuously build your SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Having an active social presence helps increase followers, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately – drive more leads.

Email Marketing

Email isn't dead. It's still one of the most powerful tools you can have in your digital marketing strategy

Need to attract, convert and close more customers?

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