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Jasmina Marketing Website





Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Marketing Website

Marketing Website



For Jasmina, we wanted to create a marketing website that captured the brand's youthful, fun, and energetic essence while presenting its products professionally and informally. To achieve this, we used bright colours, playful animations, and engaging visuals throughout the site.

We also made it easy for customers to find the right products for their skin type or concerns by including a product filter system. This feature allows users to browse the products based on their specific skin issues or concerns, making it easier to find the right product for their needs.

The website is a dual language (English and Arabic) designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that customers can easily access and browse the site from any device.

Our goal was to create a marketing website showcasing the brand's products, reflecting its personality, and connecting with the target audience.

User Journey Mapping
User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Information Architecture
Website Development
Webflow CMS
Jasmina Marketing Website
I had the pleasure of working with the Blue Beetle's agency on the our teen's skincare marketing website project aimed at teenage skincare in Saudi Arabia. Their creative ideas and prompt communication greatly contributed to achieving enhanced results in a timely manner. The team demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering a high-quality product.

Kasswar Alaswad

Projects Manager E-Business Department

Jasmina Marketing Website

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