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May 20, 2019

5 Dubai Restaurants with Awesome Social Media Profiles

Since the early 2000s social media usage has been on the up and up. From the early days with MySpace to the now all dominating force that is Facebook, the online world has transformed, and any business looking to meet their market is turning to social media as the medium of choice.

Perhaps the industry most benefiting to the wave of social media popularity is the food and beverage sector. A space which encompasses cafes, restaurants and bars, from small operations to multi-national chains, social media has been a transformative tool that has given restaurants access to a powerful marketing tool that doesn't cost the Earth and is relatively easy to manage.

Across the UAE there are 8.5 million Facebook users and 3.3 million on Instagram, making these platforms a gold mine where restaurants can attract and market to their customers.

What Makes a Great Restaurant Social Media Profile?

Restaurant social media tactics need to whet the appetite of hungry onlookers. After all, the transaction between restaurant and consumer is pretty straightforward - feed me. But in the age of social media, the consumption starts long before fork meets mouth. Ravenous customers browse social profiles seeking for bites that look delicious and offer an ambience to match. This means that social media for Dubai restaurants is all about top-notch photography which arouses the senses, and encourages customers in for a taste.

Dubai has no shortage of restaurants nailing their social media strategy. To demonstrate what works, we've selected 5 of the top restaurant social media profiles to talk through what they're doing well.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove

Whether you find them on Facebook or Instagram, the first impression is "wow". Walnut Grove is a stunning establishment, and their social media team clearly know how to highlight this. Not just focused on the exquisite presentation of their food, Walnut Grove also showcases their interior design and prime location so that browsing customers can imagine themselves in the venue, as well as sampling the food.

Beyond their first-class photography skills, Walnut Grove offers browsers videos, stories and events so that potential customers can really get a feel for what they're missing out on.

2. folly by Nick & Scott

folly by Nick & Scott

folly is an Instagrammers dream. When you first hit their Facebook page, you experience high-quality video that paints a perfect picture of the idyllic location you can expect to perch yourself as you snap pictures of beautiful people eating beautiful food and sipping perfectly styled cocktails.

Like their quality competition, folly has mastered the various angles of social, leveraging events, stories and amassing a huge number of reviews to ensure the unsure customer is convinced to pay them a visit.

3. The London Project

The London Project

The London Project have perfected the mouth-watering shot. Two seconds on their social profiles and you're bound to have pretty severe cravings. Beyond the food, every carefully curated image that hits their profiles is designed to unleash FOMO and encourage potential customers to make a booking ASAP.

To aid this, they have a reservation link front and centre on their Instagram. They also have a range of quirky British stories, in case you need more tempting content. One unique tactic from The London Project is their use of Facebook video to attract new staff. They've got social media mastered.

4. Bagatelle Dubai

Bagatelle Dubai

Bagatelle Dubai has captured the look of energy. Their Instagram screams party in luxury, with their unique tilted pictures and partying patrons. What stands out the most, however, is their use of video, with short stills that flash in neon lights, Bagatelle Dubai knows how to capture attention and bring the party vibes.

Whatsmore, they really leverage events well on Facebook, with a jam-packed calendar full of a variety of recurring events, creating a community of loyal fans going back week after week to get the party feeling.

5. Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery brings the elements of simplicity, elegance and quality to their social media with a minimalistic style that truly highlights just how great their baked goods are all on their own. This style is consistent across their Facebook and Instagram, really pulling browsers into the making of their goods, with videos and images all carefully capturing the power of home-made artisanal products, leaving viewers hungry for more.

And for those who do want more, Bouchon Bakery even lists recipes on their Instagram stories, uniquely sharing their passion and products with their audience.

Bewitch, Dazzle, Delight

What makes all of the above profiles so good is their ability to capture feelings and create a consistent brand image across their profiles. Whether it's all about capturing the feeling of hand-made quality food, the aesthetic of a stunning location or sparking the party mood, consistency is key. And this goes for everything, from the style of images and videos, to the way they interact with their customers through their stories and events.

While these places have certainly mastered the art of social media, restaurant social media strategy is not always easy. Without a clearly identified brand and strategy, it's easy to get lost posting pictures of food and patrons without understanding if or how they appeal to your ideal customers.

After more than a decade working with restaurant social media strategies in Dubai, we have seen restaurants live and die by their social presence and their ability to captivate audiences and pull them in to become patrons. We have had the pleasure of working with a number of local restaurants to take their fantastic food and transform their presence online to capture their brand, and attract loyal followers, both online and in person, all dying to consume their content just as much as their food.

To see how we can help you get ahead on social media, give the team at Blue Beetle a call today.

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