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Digital Marketing
December 5, 2014

5 Super Effective Tips for Earning Quality Backlinks for Improving Your SEO

Quality backlinks are the holy grail of web marketing. The good news is that getting them is much more simple than you might think. Simple, but not necessarily easy. You do have to put time and effort into creating awesome content and putting it into the hands of the people you want linking to your site.

Here are 5 tips for earning natural backlinks that win Google’s approval and bring you immediate traffic as well as long-term success in search results:

1) Create Content That Fills Gaps — Don’t Just Pile On.

What do people mean when they say “content is king?” Surely a lot of great content goes unnoticed. You don’t just need to create good content; you need to offer unique content that people can’t find elsewhere.

When choosing topics for blog posts, look beyond the dominant conversations. What remains unsaid? What questions related to your industry are difficult to answer? Put yourself in the shoes of the people whose backlinks you want. When they write their next article, why would they want—and need—to link to your site instead of someone else’s?

2) Only Place Your Articles On Relevant, Niche Sites.

Search engines like to see backlinks from sites similar to your own. Don’t get too creative when it comes to collaboration and connections between different worlds. If you have the opportunity to place content or get links from a site in another industry, make sure that they have a track record of at least occasionally discussing your industry. If it doesn’t feel totally honest, you might be penalised.

3) Offer Up Your Expertise — Give Quotes And Interviews.

You may be surprised at how willing journalists and bloggers are to listen when you offer yourself up to them. Think about it: you make their job easier when you provide industry knowledge, statistics, and expert predictions.

Look up the shakers and movers. Send tweets or emails to journalists who cover your topics. Your chances of getting interviewed and backlinked are much greater this way. Let’s be honest, you probably don’t have journalists knocking down your door as it is.

4) Issue Press Releases That Can Generate Legit Interest.

The practice of using press releases to generate traffic and backlinks has evolved over the years. In some cases, tactless press releases can make you look bad to both human search engine reviewers and the algorithms. However, it’s still good to be in the news.

Hold off on your next yawn-inducing press release. Wait until you have real news with real value. Then, have the release written up by a third party so it reads even more authentically. The trick: you don’t just want your link on the PR sites; you want the release to be picked up and shared by relevant, authoritative sites.

5) Create Content In Different Kinds Of Media.

No matter your industry, you need more than text. Images and video are much more shareable, and more likely to be picked up for a round-up blog post and shared on social media. Infographics, instructional videos, and even well-done PowerPoint (read SlideShare) presentations can make excellent multimedia content.

By working in a variety of media, you ensure that your desired backlink sites have options to suit their purposes. It’s all about making them want to give you backlinks.

Your next steps for getting more quality backlinks:

  • Assess the quality of your content.
  • Determine how you can make more shareable, valuable content.
  • Identify sites that will bring you traffic and improve your search ranking.
  • Target your next efforts toward backlink-friendly practices.
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