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March 11, 2019

79 Statistics on the Worlds Most Popular CMS - WordPress

Powering around 33% of all websites, WordPress has emerged as the content management system of choice.

Let’s have a look at how we got here, and what makes WordPress the most favoured CMS on the planet.

79 WordPress Statistics

Even though it's very popular, there are many facts you are probably not aware of when it comes to WordPress functionalities. And while the thorough infographic above tells the illustrious story of the CMS, here we explore deeper some of its most interesting aspects.

You Can Use WordPress in 180 Languages

WordPress is available in 180 languages around the world. Over 46 of WordPress locales versions are active at the time of the post. Another 25 versions are close to being fully translated (think 90%-95% completion), and 36 are running at a rate of over 50%.

WordPress is continuously integrating more translations onto its platform. Therefore, nearly all corners of the world will be able to use the platform in a regional language in the near future.

There are even plugins that facilitate WordPress translation. A good example is Loco Translate, which provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files. The plugin adds a built-in translation editor within the WordPress dashboard. Developers can create and update language files directly in a website’s theme or plugin.

Have you ever wondered how many people it takes to translate WordPress to a certain language? Well, it depends on the language. Some translations require the work of a single person. Others need the help of hundreds of contributors.

The locale with most contributors seems to be the Italian translation of WordPress, according to official stats. As much as 2118 people have contributed so far. That’s more than two times the population of the Vatican.

Mamma mia!

WordPress is More than Just a Blogging Platform

While WordPress is designed to function as a blogging platform, it can do much more. You can enhance it with plugins and use it as an e-commerce platform or for educational purposes, or for business purposes, portfolios, the list goes on.

Want to run your own social network? No problem, WordPress has a plugin for that. Want to build a forum, or a Q&A site, perhaps a microblogging platform, a classifieds site, an online shop? You can even create entire online communities.

With WordPress, you have the power to build almost anything.

Bunch of Feature-rich Themes

There are a tremendous amount of WordPress themes available, and that has turned out to be one of the game changers. Some of them are free, and some are paid. Nevertheless, all of them bring lots of features.

Just because a WordPress theme is free doesn't mean it is of low quality. With that in mind, a premium theme usually offers more options and better support.

What’s great about both free and premium themes is the fact they can be modified to suit your preferences. Don’t like your website theme’s background? No problem, you can change it. Or maybe the website’s header is a bit too big? You can make it smaller.

You don’t need to be a hardcore developer to modify a theme. All that is required is some knowledge in CSS, HTML, and PHP. You can edit virtually any element of your website’s appearance, add functions, modify preset parameters, and so on.

Akismet Keeps Junk Out of Websites

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin. It keeps WordPress sites clean from low-quality user-generated content. For example, a comment with tons of links is considered spam. So is malicious code posted in the comment section or sent with the contact form.

Akismet uses the power of crowdsourcing to protect sites from potential threats. When a user marks a comment as spam, it goes into Akismet’s database.

When the same comment gets posted on another website, Akismet automatically labels it as spam and blocks it. That way users contribute to Akismet spam fighting abilities.

The plugin is useful because of its detailed statistics. Users can see the number of spam comments for a desired period, as well as missed spam and false positives (when a legit comment is marked as spam).

Fun fact: Matt Mullenweg, one of the founders of WordPress, created Akismet to help his mom blog safely. It grew up to be one of the most efficient spam-fighting services in the world.

Support for About 41% of all Online Stores

A staggering 41% of online shops around the globe run on WooCommerce, a Wordpress e-commerce plugin. It is immensely popular among shop owners because of the ease with which one can turn a WordPress site into a fully functional online store.

One of the many things that make WooCommerce — and thus WordPress —such a good e-commerce platform, is the detailed information about online sales. You can see sales figures to date, for the last month, or even for a custom date range.

WooCommerce also shows sales by category or product, customer downloads, stock, coupons and discounts, etc. And it’s all free. Not a bad deal, huh?

Blogs Written in Over 120 Languages

WordPress blogs are written in over 120 languages. More than 70% of all posts are in English, statistics show. Spanish is the second most popular language with 4.7% of all publications. Indonesian-speaking bloggers contribute around 2.4% of all WordPress posts.

All in all, blog owners produce around 70 million posts each month. The amount of comments is of course even bigger: 77 million!

Premium Support & Easy to Use Interface

One of the reasons so many people love WordPress is its user-friendly interface. There is a dedicated online community and extensive documentation which provide support and make content management easy.

WordPress offers support to users through FAQs and troubleshooting guides. Developers can catch-up on updates and new stuff on one of the many WordCamp events being hosted around the world.

So there you have it, WordPress pretty much rocks. Interested in a WordPress website of your own? Need help creating one? Feel free to reach out to Blue Beetle, we're big fans of the platform.

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