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March 23, 2020

Amazing Marketing Ideas for Hotels During Ramadan That Actually Work

With faith in the heart and God in the soul, devout Muslims fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is a time for reflection, prayer and peace.  

How do you curate wonderful experiences for tourists with the spirit of Ramadan at the heart of the marketing campaign for your hotel? The first step is to understand Ramadan. Read on to know how you can create powerful marketing campaigns that work.

Ramadan marketing
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What is Ramadan all about?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar where Muslims fast for one month during the daylight hours. The month is a commemoration of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) first revelation. It is a time to sacrifice, observe self-discipline, express empathy for fellow human beings, indulge in generosity and charity, along with praying in peace. These qualities should be the soul of every marketing campaign.

Strategies to Adopt for Better Marketing

  • Think out of the box.
  • Understand that the demand for food doesn't decrease, only the times of consumption change.
  • Offer comfort. Tourists and locals both need that during Ramadan.
  • Organise Islam-themed religious events.
  • It is common knowledge that people tend to spend most of their idle time online. So, make the most of this and use digital marketing to the fullest!
  • Ramadan is also time to exchange gifts. Offer gift vouchers or turn a small corner of your hotel into a temporary gift shop.
  • Curate Ramadan experiences for tourists who are curious about the local culture.
  • Don't forget about the people who will travel anyway for work.

Useful Marketing Ideas for Ramadan

1. Discounts! 

Who doesn't love them?

Create Ramadan offers for hotel bookings. Lower prices will attract more tourists, especially those who like to travel on a budget. This is a tried and tested way of hotels marketing. After all,  Ramadan is a time to show generosity.

2. The Ramadan Experience

Give tourists an insider's peek.

Don't just think of food and stay. Curate a whole package where you can hire guides to take tourists across the city and spend time with families observing Ramadan. Tourists would love to get a peek into the rich culture and will appreciate it.

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3. Gift Kiosks

It is a month of gifting, use it to your advantage.

Open Ramadan special gift kiosks since exchanging gifts is a tradition during this month. Stock handmade gifts and clothing from across the world that make meaningful gifts that will be remembered.

4. Powerful Digital Marketing

A well-thought digital marketing campaign can do wonders for you.

Ramadan is a time to make the most out of digital marketing. A lot of people spend their idle time on social media. Google data revealed that during Ramadan, people spend more time online and on Youtube, also performing more searches. Advertise your offers for food, stay, tours and other packages well. Hire a trusted digital marketing agency to create marketing campaigns. Use iconic Ramadan symbols in your posts. Blue Beetle, a top digital agency in Dubai, can help with your campaigns.

5. Religious Events

Organise religious events to get people together and pray.

During the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims spend their time reflecting. You can organise a short session for kids, telling them about the history of Ramadan, or a prayer session for adults, who can just sit together with their eyes closed in a peaceful environment.

6. Suhoor and Iftaar Buffets

Lavish buffets will make people throng to your hotel.

Before dawn and after dusk buffets that offer healthy, delicious, and a large variety of food will encourage people to celebrate Ramadan to the fullest. Offer family discounts for these buffets and focus on food quality. In 2013, TGIF Malaysia offered special iftaar offer deals that worked really well for them during Ramadan.

7. Staycation Campaign

Invite families to spend their whole month at your hotel to unwind.

Think about a month at a hotel, with everyone relaxing and reflecting together. Curate staycation packages at discounted rates that offer food, prayer sessions and accommodation for the entire family. It is not only thoughtful but a great way to invite people without having to travel out of the city.

Marketing during Ramadan
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8. Invest in Commercials

Connect through videos.

Many major brands like IKEA, Coca Cola, BMW, among others, create special Ramadan ad videos that are emotional and touch on the spirit of Ramadan. Do the same for your hotel. Show the people why it is the best place to spend Ramadan by highlighting certain unique aspects of your hotel.

Most importantly, indulge in charity. Host a day where everyone can gather and donate to the less fortunate. Ramadan is a time to spread happiness.

Use these marketing ideas for your hotel during Ramadan. Remember to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan in all your campaigns as it is the best way to connect with the people. A well-analysed, well-thought and well-executed digital marketing campaign can go a long way in driving up sales. Blue Beetle, a digital marketing agency in Dubai, has experts who can run your campaign well.

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