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November 3, 2023

Breadcrumbs in Web Design: Navigating UX Choices

Ah, breadcrumbs! No, we're not talking about the culinary kind that you sprinkle over your pasta. We're diving into the nitty-gritty of web design. For both businesses and digital agencies with a focus on web design, mastering the art of breadcrumb implementation is crucial for enhancing user experience. ✨

Why Breadcrumbs Matter in Web Design

When discussing web design, it's easy to become enamoured with aesthetics. Yes, your site should dazzle visitors. But beneath the visual flair lies a structured framework your users must navigate. Breadcrumbs serve as navigational signposts, making that journey more intuitive.

You might wonder why companies with websites should even bother with something as seemingly trivial as breadcrumbs. The answer is simple: user experience (UX). Breadcrumbs enhance navigational clarity, boosting user satisfaction and potentially impacting your SEO positively.

Types of Breadcrumbs and Their Impact

To understand how breadcrumbs function, you must familiarise yourself with the three main types:

Location-based Breadcrumbs: These indicate where a user is within a site's hierarchy. They're the "You are here" signs of web design.

Attribute-based Breadcrumbs: Useful for e-commerce websites, these show the steps a user has taken based on the attributes selected.

Path-based Breadcrumbs: These are dynamic, recording and displaying the individual path a user has taken to arrive at a particular page.

Your choice between these types should depend on your site's complexity and function. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, attribute-based breadcrumbs could help customers backtrack or modify their selections more easily.

Best Practices in Implementing Breadcrumbs

So, how do you weave this bread of information? Here are some pointers:

Keep It Simple

The essence of effective web development lies in simplicity. Your breadcrumbs should be a supplementary navigation tool, not a primary one. They're like the tour guide that lets you wander but provides a map in case you get lost.

Make It Clickable

Each breadcrumb should be a clickable link back to the respective page. The last breadcrumb, however, typically needs to be clickable, as it signifies the current page the user is on.

Styling Matters

The design of your breadcrumbs should be distinct but not overly dramatic. They should blend with your site's overall aesthetic while remaining visible. This is where the expertise of a seasoned digital agency comes in handy.

Use of Arrows

The convention is to use '>' to separate breadcrumbs. It's the universally understood symbol to indicate a hierarchy or a sequence. It's akin to saying, "You started here, and now you've reached there."

Why Your Digital Agency Should Care

Here's the bottom line: You're not just offering products or services; you're offering an experience. Your website's users notice the little things, which can make a big difference.

A solid breadcrumb structure can enhance SEO by improving metrics like session duration and bounce rates. Google appreciates websites focusing on superior UX, and well-executed breadcrumbs can help you earn brownie points with the search giant.

The ROI of Breadcrumbs in Web Design

Maximising ROI is the endgame, isn't it? When you incorporate breadcrumbs strategically, you're not just enhancing UX; you're also setting the stage for improved analytics. With clear navigation, users spend more time on your site, explore more pages, and, in turn, increase the chances of conversion. And who doesn't love high conversion rates? 🚀


In web design and development, breadcrumbs are like the humble sidekick—often overlooked but indispensable. They're an essential UX tool that, when executed right, can spell success for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Start kneading those breadcrumbs into your web design dough. Your users—and your ROI—will thank you. 🙏

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