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May 18, 2020

Choosing a Local Web Design Agency in Dubai vs India

Statistics indicate that there are over 9 million internet users in the UAE, and at least 50% of these internet-savvy users access the web to find product information.

Having a website is no doubt essential in the present times. However, it isn’t enough to hook or convert customers. Faced with an immense choice, customers don’t spend much time in reading or analysing your content in the first look. A study found that most users judge a website by its design, with 94% of first impressions being design-related. Data also indicates that up to 46% of consumers base their decisions on the credibility of a website from its visual appeal and aesthetics.

Hiring a Web-Development Agency in Dubai

local agency hiring in dubai

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Contrary to good advice, a book is often judged by its cover – and, a business by its website! However, with so many other core areas to focus on, do you have the expertise to design and manage your site, in-house? 

The answer is 'no' for most companies and they can benefit significantly by partnering with third-party web development experts, without burdening their HR with any additional hiring. However, whether you should pick a local web design agency or outsource your project to India is a difficult choice to make. While the latter is definitely a cheaper option in many cases, there are several benefits of working with a local design agency that far outweigh the costs.

Here is a list of five reasons on why you should work with a web design agency in Dubai rather than outsourcing your web development to India:

1. Better Communication

better communication

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Developing a great website for your business requires you to work closely with your web developers and brainstorm different ideas. Local web development agencies gain an edge in this respect - as it is possible to communicate face-to-face rather than having to rely on online conversations with foreign teams. With a local design agency, you can also expect immediate support to resolve any issues, owing to the same time zone and working hours.

2. Easier Collaboration

A local web development and design agency can work with you in tandem to cut short the lifecycle of the project significantly via seamless collaboration. 

As the developers are available locally, they can meet with you regularly to discuss your requirements and act on your feedback instantly. Frequent meetings also ensure that the website is done exactly as per your taste, and that of your audience in the UAE, due to the agency's knowledge of local trends.

3. Knowledge of Local Culture

If you are designing a website for a specific demographic of customers, the language, images, and symbols used in the website must be acceptable and not offensive to the target audience. However, a web-designer based in India may not be able to appreciate the regional differences between India and Dubai, which may reflect in your website and impact its popularity negatively. For example, the red colour means different things to different people in different parts of the world. It symbolises strength and unity in the UAE, but may spell danger in other countries, including some parts of India.

Therefore, working with a local web design agency is better than outsourcing to India to ensure your website matches the preferences of your audience, without hurting their religious or cultural sensibilities.

4. Faster Turnaround Time

Working with a web design company in Dubai ensures faster turnaround time and better accountability because of similar work culture. For example, Sundays are working in Dubai and Fridays are off. But Indians usually work on Fridays and take an off on Sunday. This means you cannot fix any meetings with a team in India between Friday and Tuesday - leading to a loss of several working days, potentially delaying your project. On the other hand, a local web development agency will work on the same days as your organization, ensuring better collaboration and faster results.

faster turn around time with local agency

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5. References and Support

How do you choose the right web design agency? When spoilt for choice, you'd obviously like to speak with past customers and make a rational decision based on their feedback. For the same reason, it is better to pick a local web design agency rather than outsourcing your project to India. A web development agency in Dubai can provide you with local references to get honest, unbiased feedback, helping you make the best choice for your requirement.

Create The Best Virtual Showroom for Your Dubai-based Business

Working with a local web development agency is beneficial for your business than outsourcing your requirement to India for several reasons, as outlined above.

However, many web design agencies in Dubai and elsewhere with local offices outsource your work to third-party developers in India for cost-saving.

At Blue Beetle, we ensure that your web design requirements are taken care of by in-house experts, with whom you can liaise in real-time to get the best possible results. Trust us to design an engaging and high-performing visual showroom for your Dubai-based business. Get in touch to know more about our custom web development services.

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