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Digital Marketing
December 9, 2019

How Digital Marketing Can Make You Stand Out in Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 is creeping up fast. Kicking off in October of 2020, preparations have been in place for years already, and the chance to get ahead is running out.

With the event set to increase Dubai's national GDP by 5.5 per cent, and offer USD 23 billion dollars in revenue, the World Expo 2020 is an important event for every UAE based business; whether you're a large corporate, small to medium enterprise, or solopreneur.

Over the 173 day event, the eyes of the world will be on our home, with 25 odd million of them expected to reach our shores from all across the globe.

In the lead-up, we have seen an explosion of new businesses enter into the market. Businesses that will most certainly be needed to cater to the 25-million visitors.

But with so much competition arising, and the very real threat of staying relevant once the hype wears down, it is those with a strong digital marketing strategy, that will retain the upper hand, both during the event, and long after it's gone.

Dubai's Digital Marketing Power Has Boosted

With a slew of international attendees making plans for their visit, social media keywords related to #DubaiExpo2020 have gained serious momentum, giving a boost to the power of social media and digital marketing ahead of and during the event.

As attention narrows in on the region and these social tags enjoy a drastic surge in popularity, now is the time for Dubai businesses to capitalise and get ahead. The competition is no longer about who provides a better service; it is a digital competition that can be won or lost long before the patrons arrive.

Making the Most of Dubai Expo 2020

Playing host to the 2020 expo is, very literally, a once in a lifetime opportunity for Dubai and it's local businesses. But it's not just the event that businesses need to focus on. This sort of opportunity requires consideration of how to make the most of the pre-, present- and post-event opportunities.

Now you need to build your brand.

Expo 2020 is when you need to win the competition for customers and clients.

After is when you need to hold your position in the local market.

Digital Marketing Pre-Planning

Whether you're participating in the Expo or not, digital marketing in Dubai will be the crucial element to help you stand out.

Sign Up to the Online Marketplace

If you're a company hoping to do business with the Expo community, you need to register on the Online Marketplace.

Unlike typical business events, Dubai Expo 2020 embraces the digital development of the world and has created a portal where businesses -- buyers, sellers and suppliers -- can register to present their offering and communicate with one another ahead of and during the event. Without the need to set up a physical stall.

Capitalise on the Online Attention

Both participating and non-participating businesses should be taking advantage of the online hype around the event. If you're a restaurant, hotel, spa or other local service provider and you're not writing and posting about #expo2020, you're missing out on traffic and future patrons!

It's time to start posting.

Dubai Expo 2020 Strategy

When attendees are finally in town, it's time to secure their business. All businesses should be making limited time offers, designing deals to appeal to the patrons they are seeking.

Those participating in the Expo can post events on the Online Marketplace. While those who are not participating but hoping to feed, host or offer other services to the cities visitors, should be working hard on their social media and online marketing efforts; watching their competitors to ensure your offering is unique, appealing and competitive.

Post-Expo Survival

With so many new businesses popping up ahead of the Expo, the sad reality is that many will not survive when it's gone. Competition will be fierce, and there needs to be a long-term strategy in place, ahead of time, if you want to win the long-game.

Digital marketing will be crucial to this long-term success, and working with a digital marketing agency in Dubai is essential to ensure they understand the nuances of this extremely unique situation.

While social posts about the expo will help in the short-term, partnering with a local digital expert allows you to build a two-pronged strategy, capitalising on the foot traffic of Expo 2020, while building a lasting local brand that UAE residents will return to long after the visitors have gone home.

The Bottomline Booster

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