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December 31, 2018

Kickass Social Media Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2019

"If there is one good thing you can do for your business these days, it is having a pronounced social media campaign to boost online marketing. Traditional marketing has come a long way since the olden days, but business these days is all online so business development must be adapted to fit the model. Social media is an eight-legged octopus, always moving and always busy doing something new with one of its hands.

There have been a lot of great examples of social media marketing campaigns in recent times; from profit-based businesses to not-for-profits and even the budding blogging scene, many innovative marketing ideas have come out of the social media web which have kept customers hooked and converted onlookers into buyers.

Social media marketing is vital to your business because today's customer engagement is not driven by the product offering: they need something more. They need the story behind the business, the product and the people who are bringing it to the forefront, i.e. your team. Here are a few ideas to carry your social media marketing campaign into 2019 with a bang:


Since it is the end of a year, this is the perfect time to review 2018 in an end-of-year roundup. Collect memorable content from the year and run a time-bound campaign. This can be along the lines of sharing content as either a throwback or linking it to your future business plans. The goal from this is to curate content that is easy to take in and helpful for your target audience.

Go Live

Pretty much everyone and anyone who uses Facebook and Instagram is aware of the live video feature these two websites offer. You can take advantage of this by running campaigns based on going live on your feed to your target audience. The content of these live videos can range from product demos, behind the scenes access, Q&A sessions, running contests or just sharing tips and tricks: the possibilities are endless.

The main advantage of live videos in comparison to pre-recorded ones is its increased reach and greater interest from audiences in the live format. The main appeal of a live video is the opportunity for instant interaction with the brand, hence making you more approachable to your target audience.

Utilise User-Generated Content

Brands use user-generated content primarily to engage with social media influencers; this gives you easy access to a wide range demographic in the form of their followers. Using your platform to share brand-associated content created by users and followers makes your brand more relatable when users see real-life people utilising products in their personal lives. It also helps in maintaining brand repute as a company that cares about its customers.


Social media takeovers have become a raging trend in online content marketing, and rightly so. As a brand, you can collaborate with known celebrities or industry professionals and allow them to ‚'take over' your social media account(s) for a day or a few hours. You can either mutually decide on content guidelines for the duration of the takeover, or trust them to run with it in a direction they see fit. Either way, it is sure to build brand credibility and enhance visibility.

Advent Calendars

Keeping up with the spirit of the season, creating a social media advent calendar is a great way to kick-start your social media marketing for 2019. An advent calendar is traditionally used to count down the days to Christmas, with little treats uncovered each day for the kids, adults or whatever the theme may call for. Similarly, you can design an advent calendar for your social media campaign with a piece of content being shared each day in anticipation for the grand reveal (new product launch, major giveaway, etc.) at the end.

Augmented Reality

AR has been a part of social media for a long time, with the most obvious example being Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram photo filters. You can use augmented reality linked with your website in the form of an AR persona (think Bitmoji) which can take part in different activities on your website such as games for giveaways. It is a big step towards personalising the brand for the average user, which in turn helps influence purchases.

Passive Marketing

Passive marketing is a tactic used by marketers to subconsciously influence purchasing behaviour. You can use passive marketing in many ways, such as making videos and sharing third-party content based on tips and tricks, how-tos or general trivia related to your brand. Another example of passive marketing is when brands team up with social movements to create awareness about important societal issues. The benefits to the user are twofold: brands get their name out there and users get educated at the same time.

Insider Perks

Loyal customers deserve special treatment; this is the reason so many brands are now offering loyalty programs based on the customer's purchase history. You can cater to this loyal demographic by creating exclusive spaces on your social media accounts to offer rewards and discounts. This can be done through Facebook groups where access is limited to high-frequency purchasers and customers who give back to the brand.

In the era of awareness, social media marketing is all about the perceived value of the brand. Customers want their money to go to a brand which cares about them and sees them as people instead of money-making commodities. Social media marketing, therefore, is all about giving back and creating mutual contentment.

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