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February 3, 2020

Welcoming 2020 | How was 2019 for Blue Beetle, Digital Agency in Dubai

As we enter into a new year, it seems appropriate to reflect on the year that has passed. What a year we had in 2019. One full of accomplishments, moments of immense pride, gratitude and excitement. We've celebrated birthdays, grown our team and burst with pride at the amazing projects we've been privileged to deliver. 

Before sharing these moments, we want to first thank you, our clients, followers, and supporters, for being a part of our journey. Without our staff members, partners and clients, we do not exist. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Without further ado, here's the Blue Beetle 2019 in review...

Non-Stop Celebrations

March 2019 marked a significant milestone for our business. We popped some bubbles and celebrated our 15th year as a thriving digital agency in Dubai, supporting some of the region's most exciting clients in their digital marketing and website development endeavours.

Not only did we celebrate our own big birthday, but we proudly celebrated not one, but three, seven-year work anniversaries amongst our Beetles; two of our talented Developers, Safeer Mohammed and Sohail Rehman, and one of our wonderful Designers, Dominik Stec. It's been a joy to have you all here with us for almost half of our business life.

Team Blue Beetle Digital Agency Dubai

While we love our familiar faces, we were also excited to introduce a fresh new face to the team in 2019, welcoming Alex Buckley as a new Business Development Manager, stepping in to identify and delight new Blue Beetle customers looking for top quality digital marketing and website development in Dubai.

Beyond work anniversaries, we celebrated the personal birthdays of each member of our team, and we also took the time to celebrate our success. Running a thriving online marketing and web design agency in Dubai requires a great deal of hard work, passion and skill from our team, showing our appreciation is important to us. So we threw some parties!

We had team dinners galore, a desert drive at Al Qudra, and many small happy dances and high-fives at the end of a job well done.

Team Blue Beetle at Al Qudra Desert

Projects Aplenty

From a profitability standpoint, we are proud to have delivered an amazing ROI of 1:10 to our clients for their digital advertising campaigns. We also went live with some spectacular web design projects, including:

Blue Beetle website projects

We also have projects due to go live soon, with Terrazzo, Prime Meat, IEC Telecom, Bab Al Nojoum, Khatib & Alami and Planters.

Developing Ourselves

To be a trusted digital marketing agency for our clients, we believe that we need to work on ourselves continuously. This means upskilling, pursuing our own projects and continually assessing how we can improve the productivity and lives of our staff.

In order to develop for our clients, we worked to become HubSpot Gold Partner Certified in 2019. This affords us access to some of the most advanced HubSpot training, giving us the knowledge to better serve our customers and stand out ahead of our competitors.

Encouraging our staff to develop their skills outside of client projects, we committed ourselves to creating our very own digital product. Spotting an opportunity for improved digital transformation within the restaurant industry, we launched Redro, a digital menu solution which makes browsing and ordering easier for customers, while boosting revenue and improving restaurant agility.

Expect to see more about Redro in 2020.

Lastly, 2019 was, for us, a big year for exploring how we could improve the lives of our staff, while maintaining, or improving, productivity while at the same time making our company more environmentally friendly. This meant adopting new, more flexible, ways of working. We discouraged face to face meetings in favour of online meetings. We pushed further in digitising processes, reducing the use of paper, and increasing our use of digital documents so that everything could be managed online, from wherever our staff happened to be.

The end result was a significant shift toward remote working, where our staff members could enjoy a better work-life balance while helping the environment and saving time which would have otherwise been wasted in traffic. Unsurprisingly, this ultimately increased our productivity and made our team very happy.

All in all, 2019 saw accomplishments aplenty, dedication and hard work from our team, and the opportunity to excel on projects which were an absolute dream to be apart of.

It may be a hard year to beat, but we have every confidence that 2020 has bigger and better accomplishments ahead, and we look forward to sharing these successes with you.

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