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Blue Beetle specialize in Dubai web applications with regard to software engineering, web applications are programs you can access through a web browser using the Internet or an Intranet and here we aim to give you some detailed information that we hope you find useful. You can contact us anytime with further questions or for a quotation.

Web applications can also refer to a form of computer software hosted in an environment controlled by a browser (like a Java applet) or coded in browser supported language (like Java Script and HTML, which is the language that makes up browser sites) and that relies on a web browser to execute the application. As you can see, web applications come in a variety of formats.

The popularity of Dubai web applications is due in part to how ubiquitous web browsers are and how easy it is to employ a web browser as a client, also referred to as a thin client. You can easily update and do maintenance on web applications without having to send out or install software to all your clients on their computers. That saves a lot of time and money and is a big reason web applications are so popular today.

Also, another reason is the ease of supporting cross-platform compatibility. You have probably seen and used web applications such as webmail sites, online retail stores, online auction sites, and wikis.

With our Dubai web applications at Blue Beetle, the client functionality has only a few limits. There are many different forms of technology like Java, JavaScript, and Flash, that you can use, as well as application-specific methods like drawing on the screen, audio capability, and accessing the keyboard and mouse. It is easy to get all these working together on a familiar interface that looks just like the operating system people are used to with web applications.

Dubai web applications also allow for the use of drag and drop techniques and other desirable technologies. Many Dubai web development people rely on client side scripting to improve the function of the web applications and to make the website experience an interactive one where people do not have to keep reloading Dubai web pages over and over.

Now, there is technology that allows client side scripting and server side scripting technologies like PHP and Ajax, to work together. That is part of the way web applications can use technology to create a web site that is interactive and exciting for users to visit, more information on Dubai web design can be found here.

The newest trend in web application software is providing web access to software instead of using local application distribution methods. Whether or not the browser based interface needs to be adapted or changed to work with these web applications will depend on what kind of application you are dealing with.

Sometimes, new interfaces need to be created and sometimes they can be altered to work. These Dubai web applications work by charging a fee (monthly or yearly) for accessing the software and there is no need to spend time installing the software onto the client’s hard drive. Companies that offer this type of web applications are called application service providers (ASP) and are the newest and most popular type of software company out there today.

Companies that deal with web apps don't necessarily provide website design or hosting services like we do. If your website in Dubai needs these services, then you need to seek a Dubai web designer or web designing firm. Still a Dubai web design company may be able to provide all you need under one roof like we do here at Blue Beetle so contact us today.

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