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Marketing Website



KATA - Illuminating Authentic Japanese Cuisine with Digital Flair

When KATA, a gem of Japanese cuisine nestled in The Dubai Mall, tasked us with creating their marketing website, we knew it was an opportunity to craft a digital experience as unique as their culinary journey.

We built a site that encapsulates KATA's rich narrative and ethos - more than a digital placeholder, it's an engaging introduction to their authentic, world-class dining experience.

At Blue Beetle, we're all about condensing real-world values into a seamless, digital form. With KATA, we served up a slice of Japan's culinary tradition, reimagined for the digital age.

The final product? A visually delightful, user-friendly site that's as inviting as the restaurant itself. A testament to our commitment to digital craftsmanship, KATA's website stands as an example of how we don't just transform digital identities; we enhance them.

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Information Architecture
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