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September 3, 2018

10 Killer Ideas for Your Hotel Blog

Running a blog is crucial for the anyone in the hotel business these days. Blogging and content marketing have become the backbone of SEO, or search engine optimisation, which helps consumers find your hotel online. If someone plans on visiting your city, they will most likely use a search tool like Google to find a place to stay, and your hotel will be one of the first to show up in the results if you know how to woo over your customers with a well-written blog post. 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority, which shows you just how valuable this marketing tool can be.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your hotel blog, here are 10 killer content ideas to help you start writing:

1. What to Do Nearby

Your guests are all going to ask you the same question when they arrive at your hotel: what are some fun things to do nearby? This gives you plenty of things to discuss in your blog. You can create list-based posts that mention some of the most popular and exciting attractions in the city. 36% of people prefer list-based headlines.

You can also break these up into multiple blog posts if you want to focus on one activity at a time. Reach out to some local businesses that you plan on mentioning in the blog post and see if they're willing to link back to your website in exchange for featuring them on your blog.

2. In-House and Local Events

Chances are there are plenty of fun events going on around your hotel. If you’re hosting an event in-house that you want to promote to your guests, you can feature it in a blog post that discusses all the reasons people might want to check it out. You can also highlight some exciting events from around the neighbourhood. Every Thursday you can publish a new post that talks about all the exciting things to do in your city over the upcoming weekend.

Don’t forget to add images of your events. Blog articles with images get 94% more views.

Hotel Events

3. Tips for Getting Around the City

Your guests are also going to have questions about how to get around. That’s why it helps to include some practical travel information in your blog posts. Every time you mention an event or a fun activity, include directions and tips for navigating the city. You can also publish an overview of your city’s transportation system, including where and how to ride the metro, commonly-used bus routes, shuttles and even where to hail a taxi.

4. Travel Advice for Families with Young Children

If your hotel tends to see a lot of young faces and kids, you can try writing directly to parents by giving them tips on how to travel safely with their family. You can recommend fun activities that are designed for those with young kids, mention your hotel's child-care services, or talk about some of the best ways to get around the city as a group. You can also include practical information such as staying vigilant, avoiding certain areas, and not taking rides from strangers.

5. Saving Money on a Trip

Depending on the nature of your hotel, it might make sense to feature some blog posts on how tourists can save money when visiting your city. You can mention free events, coupons and discounts that some local businesses may provide, and small hacks for saving money like bringing travel-size toiletries, taking the metro instead of a taxi, and affordable places to eat.

6. How to Stay Active While Travelling

This is a great opportunity to mention your hotel’s gym, swimming pool, yoga studio and other recreational activities. If someone isn’t sure how to engage in one of these activities, you can give them some tips or more information on where to find classes and groups in the community.

7. Where to Head Next

When your guests are planning their trip in advance by making a reservation on your hotel’s website, they might like to see some blog posts on where they might like to head next. You can write about some other cities or other points of interest nearby. Some of these tourists might be in the middle of a long vacation as they travel across Europe or the Middle East. If your hotel has more than one location, you can also suggest they book their stay at one of your company’s other hotels if you happen to serve this city as well.

8. How to Stay Healthy When Travelling

Some of your guests might be focused on how to stay healthy on their trip. After all, travelling can mean eating strange foods, being away from the gym, and long stretches of eating nothing but granola bars and trail mix. If you want to position your hotel as a leader in healthy travel, you can write about all the ways your guests can stay healthy during their stay.

You can also talk about the menu at your hotel if you feature some healthy options. Or direct your guests to healthy restaurants in your city. You can even create different posts for all kinds of health-conscious eaters like vegetarians and vegans.

9. Where to Eat Nearby

People are going to be hungry when they arrive at your hotel, and they'll want to learn about the closest places to eat. This is also an important consideration for your customers when they're booking their stay online. They will want to see a list of restaurants near your hotel to make sure it's a convenient place to stay.

You can give your guests all kinds of information about the different places to eat in your city, including where they’re located, how to get there, what kind of food and atmosphere are they known for, and how to book a reservation online. Your hotel will become a leader in your city’s dining industry if you continue to publish well-crafted blog posts on the local restaurant scene.

Hotel Amenities

10. Highlight Guest Amenities

While your hotel might have a page on its website that lists the many amenities and guest services it offers, some people might be looking for more information about these perks. You can help your target audience learn more about how they can properly use these amenities by talking about the benefits they provide and the experience your guests are likely to have there. If you have a gym or a weight room, talk about the equipment inside, how your guests can use it to stay in shape or burn some calories, or mention any classes or group training sessions you might offer.

Listing events on a page on your website may not be enough to truly entice potential customers, so it helps if you give them a complete picture of what they can expect to find at your hotel.

You have so many options when it comes to creating original content for your hotel’s blog. Keep in mind, blogging takes a lot of work and commitment if you want to see results, reach new customers, and show up in Google’s search results.

If you don’t have the time to create great blog posts week after week, contact the professionals at Blue Beetle for all your digital marketing needs.

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