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Digital Marketing
April 29, 2019

5 Reasons Why HubSpot is a Must for Dubai Based Businesses

Dubai is a fast-paced city, with a thriving market of creativity, innovation and commerce. Operating in such a location requires smart strategies and market leading tactics to ensure your business stays one step ahead of the competition. In a city known for its wealth, organisations need more than big budgets to throw at these initiatives; you need software and proven systems that can optimise your efforts and boost results - creating competition based on who best nurtures their customers.

Every organisation that requires new leads to grow their business, needs a system in place to manage these leads. People today care about being considered as an individual. There is ever growing resistance to being marketed to as though we are all the same. Consumers demand content that is relevant and recent, while also being customised and personalised. How can you deliver up to the minute content that is tailored to the uniqueness of each prospect?


Hubspot as a marketing automation tool that provides an integrated platform to track and judge all digital marketing efforts, enabling businesses to attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Their software helps you to turn your website into a magnet for clients.

HubSpot allows businesses to create content, optimise it for search engines, share it on social media, and lead prospects to landing pages, calls to actions, personalised emails or a personalised website.

Their philosophy is that organisations need to attract customers (through new mediums such as content marketing), not interrupt them (as is often the case with paid ads).

All You Need in One Place

Of course, HubSpot is not the only marketing automation tool on the market, but it is by far the most comprehensive with a wide variety of features and three clear platforms within one that allows for greater clarity between marketing and sales.

  • CRM platform - Enables businesses to track contacts and deals, giving complete control over the sales funnel. Oh, and it’s FREE BTW!
  • Marketing Hub - Allows businesses to optimise, measure and automate many aspects of online marketing, including landing pages, SEO-friendly blog posts, email campaigns, content and more.
  • Sales Hub - Gives insight into prospect activity as it is tracked automatically within the platform, allowing sales to see who is warm and ready for contact.
  • Service Hub - Makes it easy to manage and connect with customers, and truly help them succeed and thereby turn them into promoters and grow your business.

Having all of these features in one place is vital to assess the success of campaigns accurately. With everything together, you can dive deeper into an analysis, and save a significant amount of time by not needing to jump between systems.

You can track visitors, nurture leads and contact them at the right time in the sales funnel. It even offers tips on how to improve search rankings and get better leads, making it a great platform even for junior marketers to manage. Which leads us to our next point.

Saves You Time

HubSpot is designed to make life easier, and it seems they've taken that to heart and applied it to every facet of the platform. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, meaning it is simple for most staff to jump on and get their bearings fairly quickly, limiting training time.

Sales staff can gather data quickly, allowing them to spend less time finding leads and more time converting them. Marketers limit manual work by automating their efforts, leaving more time for proactive initiates that can move you further ahead of your competitors.

What's more, their customer service is responsive and available round the clock, so you can have any questions answered quickly, getting you back to work in a jiffy.

HubSpot integration

Integrates with Almost Everything

The benefit of utilising the world’s most popular inbound marketing software -- beyond the fact it gets the best results -- is that it comes with a range of integrations. Linking systems in the digital age is key to getting the best insight across your organisation, and that insight allows you to make better decisions and create improved efficiencies, in your marketing and way beyond.

HubSpot integrates with everything from your CMS, to your conferencing and accounting software, including the likes of WordPress, Zendesk, GoToWebinar, SurveyMonkey, Wistia, FreshBooks, Salesforce, Leadpages, Zapier, and most CRMs and e-commerce shopping carts.

This means that all of your systems can be connected, no alterations require of your existing software stack.

Extensive Built-in Training

As part of their commitment to making lives easier, HubSpot offers extensive built-in training to ensure that all users can develop their skills and get the most out of the platform. Their courses and lessons are not just limited to how to use the platform, they offer a range of courses from single lessons, to short courses and certification courses, covering a range of topics across the digital market spectrum.

These services add further weight to their offering, enabling anyone to jump on and quickly get up to speed with HubSpot as a user, and coaching staff to get up to speed on digital marketing in general.

Creates Happy Customers

While all of the above is hugely important, perhaps the most critical point is that all of those benefits lead to an improved prospect and customer experience.

Streamlining the sales and marketing cycles, help to make the prospect experience feel smooth and natural. HubSpot helps to humanise this process, applying a methodology that is optimised for results but feels like a natural interaction that the prospect has chosen to engage in. This is key.

Customers want to feel in control. Software like HubSpot makes the interactions gentle and gives them the option to engage or not. Every decision made by the prospect is then captured and used to help you learn about them and segment them so that you can be sure you're delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right time, creating trust and a relationship that can be developed over time, gently edging them closer to conversion.

For 15 years, the team at Blue Beetle have been working with digital marketing in Dubai, helping clients to get more traffic, more leads and more conversions. We are an inbound marketing agency, and we know that the best inbound marketing results come from leveraging HubSpot for Dubai clients.

Since HubSpot hit the market some 14 years ago, we have leveraged this tool to develop solid relationships between our clients and their prospects. We are one of few digital agencies in Dubai that are HubSpot certified and we bring our collective years of experience, local insight and varied digital marketing backgrounds to offer a holistic digital marketing service to our clients.

Get in touch with Blue Beetle today to find out how we can help you to boost traffic and sales.

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