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Digital Marketing
February 17, 2020

Dubai Digital Marketing Agency: 2020 Checklist

Manoeuvring the incredibly complex world of digital marketing is considered by some a labour even more arduous than that of Hercules'. With the global digital ad expenditure expected to reach a figure of $605 billion in 2020, the rise in digital marketing investments has been nothing but meteoric. An astronomical ascent of more than 1000% from 2015 when the ad spend stood at a mere $59.6 billion, digital marketing has seen a massive boom and has become the cornerstone for any business in the digital age.

However, this prodigious rise only means that the competition in the market has risen invariably too, especially in countries like the UAE where digital marketing is the fastest-growing industry. Organizations struggle to stay afloat as the decision-makers increasingly realise the almost obligatory need for a digital marketing agency today.

But in a marketing landscape littered with a host of such agencies, how do you find the one that suits the bill to the T?

While the right Google Ads Agencies can ramp up your success trajectory, the wrong one will inevitably clog your revenue-generating ways. To that end, we have listed the top 4 questions you need to consider while choosing a digital marketing agency in Dubai so that you can help your business grow.

1. Who Exactly Manages Your Requirements?

Digital Agencies Outsourcing


While you may do your research well and go for a reputable digital agency in Dubai, it will be of no use if your requirement is actually being managed by unknown third-party vendors instead. Many of the digital marketing companies in Dubai outsource their work to other countries or smaller companies to make a profit off of playing mediator instead of personally handling each aspect of your marketing strategy. This can be disadvantageous in three ways:

  • A company you’re unacquainted with doesn’t know your business like the one you have been personally dealing with does. Outsourcing can lead to quality issues in the process that may only be visible when it’s too late to backtrack.
  • You will be indirectly sharing the details of your company with the third-party. While the company you choose may have a contract with you or a reliable reputation in the market, you cannot say the same for the agency they outsource your work to. This can leave you vulnerable to exploitation.
  • If the work is outsourced to a company in another country, they may not understand the nuances of your business like a social media agency in Dubai would.

It is best to go for an agency that has a team of in-house experts that can handle your requirement first-hand.

2. Is the Procedure Transparent?

The cost of a digital marketing strategy can vary for each customer, depending on how much time and effort the agency needs to invest in your business. However, this doesn’t mean that the higher the price requested by the digital marketing agency, the more successful their strategy would be for your business. The particulars you’ve been charged for and a few other things like the ones mentioned below should be readily available to you for a transparent business arrangement.

  • A proper cost break-up for each service.
  • A timeline of completion for each service.
  • The steps to take in case of failure of adhering to the timeline.

Ensure that all aspects of your requirement are appropriately segregated and available in writing to avoid any unwanted hassles when the work starts.

3. How is their Experience?

While experience doesn’t necessarily determine quality, the longer a company has been in business, the easier it is for them to manage your requirements. Maturity brings with it a trained and skilled team that can contribute to the success of your marketing strategy. You can understand more about the work of your chosen digital agency in Dubai by considering the following:

  • How long has it been since the agency’s inception?
  • How many clients has it had?
  • How many projects like yours has it managed?

If the answers to these questions seem satisfactory to you, the company will be a good fit for your business.

4. What do Their Clients Say?

Customer reviews


It is always a good idea to consider the experience of other businesses who have worked with the agency, especially if they are from the same niche as yours. You can find out what the company’s previous clients think about it in the following ways:

  • By asking the agency for client references.
  • By reading reviews online.
  • By reaching out to people in your network.

While your decision doesn’t have to be based entirely on what others say, it will do you no harm to find out how other business’ partnership has been with them.

You’re Ready to Dive in!

At Blue Beetle, we are available to offer you services for all your digital needs. Our team of in-house experts and our long list of satisfied customers can vouch for our work ethics and quality. Now that you know how to determine the best digital marketing agency in Dubai for yourself, get in touch with us initiate your digital marketing strategy for 2020.

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