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Digital Marketing
August 31, 2020

Supercharge Sales: Partner with a Dubai Digital Growth Agency

A digital growth agency partner is much more than the latest and coolest ‘new kid on the block’ in digital marketing and business growth. It is more like a long-term, trusted friendship – the one where you know each other well and have only each other’s best interests at heart.

What is a Digital Growth Agency?

In an elevator pitch? A digital growth agency is a digital agency partner with a holistic goal of creating an optimal environment that helps your company to grow. It is a growth hacking partner in your business. It is the next generation of digital agency. A growth agency will not throw all your digital marketing eggs into one magical basket but combine marketing strategies, sales growth methods and technical efficiencies to impact company growth.

A growth agency identifies business opportunities from a high and strategic level to identify growth opportunities and activate them. All with measurable goals and bottom-line evidence. By consolidating all digital marketing methods, such as:

  • Paid Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Social Media Advertising and Marketing
  • Marketing & Sales Automation

A digital growth agency creates a customised and workable strategy and activity to achieve specific and measurable marketing goals within a timeframe and with ROI evidence.

growth agency in dubai blue beetle

Digital Growth Agencies Have Industry-Specific Knowledge

The strategies and methods a growth agency would employ to help you achieve your business growth goals are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. So, a growth agency needs to understand your business at every level, more like a partner than a simple supplier. This deep understanding of a business means that digital growth agencies will often specialise in one or several specific industries, to leverage profound industry understanding into successful marketing, sales and growth solutions.

A knowledge of the country and culture you operate within can also be important, depending on your business locale. For example, a digital growth agency in Dubai will understand the specific needs of the target audience in Dubai, how to reach them and what they expect when conducting business.

A digital growth agency will help you attract more clients, produce more leads and boost growth and profit.

Combine: Generating Quality Leads + Nurturing those Leads + Closing Sales + Creation of Added Value and Repeat Sales = Company Growth

Why Do You Need a Digital Growth Agency Right Now?

Like the trusted friend, a digital growth agency won’t just tell you what you want to hear and suggest a ‘one-trick pony’ marketing solution.

No matter where your business is in its digital evolution, or how much of your business relies on online channels, there is no denying it is extremely important. The growth is swift and the competition fierce. Add economic stressors such as the one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for example, with a huge change in lifestyles, habits and business operations and you will know and understand that if your business or eCommerce website is not strong in the digital world, then it has a very vulnerable weak spot. Not to mention a glaring missed opportunity.

To survive in the current marketplace, all businesses need to be agile, ahead of the curve, customer-focused and digitally sound.

Clutch Blue Beetle Recognition

This may sound a little daunting and scary, but with the right growth partner, it can be smooth and satisfying to implement. Blue Beetle is a digital growth and marketing agency in Dubai recently awarded as a “Top B2B Company in the UAE “ by Clutch.

We have adopted the mindset of creating growth partnerships with clients for many years.

Mark Hirst, the CEO of Blue Beetle says

“We ask our clients to participate directly with us in a collaborative process based on specific measures of success, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. The result is one combined team, making things the right way, with less time invested in presentations and arbitrary deliverables. Our sweet spot is the hospitality and leisure sector, where we use our deeply ingrained industry knowledge to impact major success for our clients”

In the current business climate, this is the most effective way to launch, improve and leverage your digital growth opportunity, from the start.

Let Us Talk About Digital Sales Growth

In many businesses, the sales and marketing strategies and teams do not operate closely together, to the detriment of both. A professional digital growth agency will focus on aligning marketing and sales and creating a business-boosting continuity between both.

Your business might have a strong website that really showcases your product or service. However, it is not set up specifically to create and nurture quality inbound leads. You might have an engaged social media audience, but no funnel in place to capture this enthusiasm for what you are doing. Perhaps you are missing out on a profitable niche that could be activated quickly through targeted PPC and paid advertising.

In the digital world, sales growth means alignment between (but not limited to)

Website and Mobile site design and development

Your website is the hub of your sales, your flagship store. Do you communicate with your defined, well-understood target audience with a website design that has the flexibility to respond to changing markets, new technologies and the needs of your users? Are there call-to-actions in the right places, expressed in the right way? Is there a laser focus on your web development that supports your company growth goals?

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Functionality

This is the process of attracting, engaging with and delighting customers through delivering value. By creating a customised checklist, you can turn a business around by Attracting, Converting, Closing and Delighting your customers or clients through content and technology that WORKS. Some examples of techniques you would employ for each step:

Blog Forms CRM Survey
SEO CTA Email Smart Content
Social Landing Pages Workflows Social Monitoring

Optimised Paid Advertising

With paid media, you can attract qualified buyers to the right content at the right time. Organic growth is a critical part of your long-term digital marketing strategy. However, driving awareness and differentiation with Inbound Marketing and SEO takes some time. The good news is, with pay-per-click (PPC), you can quickly get your message in front of your target audience.

A Growth Agency Will Chart Your Unique Map to Business Success

A digital growth agency will not tout one channel as the magic bullet to online business success, but create a customised strategy by using targeted research, maximising the most effective channels and measuring results and growth over a finite time period.

digital growth business

How to Choose the Perfect Digital Growth Agency in Dubai

We’ve touched on the fact that the partnership between a growth agency and a company is a very synergistic one. Your agency needs in-depth knowledge of your:

  • Industry
  • Target Markets and Niche
  • Processes and Workflows
  • Competitors
  • Unique Selling Points

So, an excellent starting point is to find out if they have worked within a similar industry to yours before? It doesn’t preclude a great relationship if they have not, but it does give you an idea of previous success and quick onboarding.

The nature of a digital growth industry is to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) goals. When you are talking to a potential growth agency partner, does this type of measurement come through? A growth agency is not about vague goals such as ‘brand building’, without defining what success in brand building will mean in measurable terms, such as x amount of new, qualified leads, x number of web visitors or x amount of additional sales within 6 months (or whatever time period you are discussing.) A great digital growth agency will walk the talk with specifics and create a defined growth map.

Then, there is the fact that the ‘fit’ should be right. Are you able to see yourself and your team ‘gelling’ and working well and smoothly together over a period of time? This is a less ‘measurable’ aspect, but no less important than the others.

It is worth contacting a few growth agencies in Dubai to have an initial discussion and find out more about each other. At Blue Beetle, the door is always open, and we would love to talk to you and see how close we could align our 16 years of digital marketing success with your growth goals.

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