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Digital Marketing
October 26, 2020

The XYZ's To Boost Your Social Media Game In The Times of Covid19


That’s the number of Instagram stories created every minute.
Let that sink in.

In an overcrowded internet minute such as this, how do you get your brand to remain relevant? Further more, how do stand out?

Let's call a spade a spade and agree that the last few months have been universally turbulent. We can acknowledge that we are hauled up in the times of an intimidating pandemic-contained world while living in the era of reduced attention spans, surplus content creators and constant scrollers.

The big question experienced by many of us has been how to decode social presence, the daily battle to remain relevant while ninjaing the survival of a business in a Covid19 world.

Indulge in some pro tips offered by the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai to ease the understanding of the economy of attention i.e. the whats, whys, hows, wheres, and whens of digital presence.

Identify and frame your content's ABC. (A)ttention, (B)enefit & (C)all-To-Action.

Norms have changed, and so should your content strategy. You cannot keep pushing out the same salesy brand talk in an ocean of limitless entertaining content with the expectancy to retain the loyalty of your followers, or for that matter gain more.

You've got a second of their attention...go ahead and create that scroll-stopper.

How? Experiment with your media type, indulge in a variety of videos, gifs, memes, carousel albums, quotes, testimonials, guides, typographic messages...whichever of the lot that fits your brand’s tonality but be sure to exercise a variety so that you don't risk the monotony of repetitive content.

While experimenting, don't forget to add the element of what's in it for them. No, this isn't a referral to running a sale, promo codes, or a campaign but in essence, diving deeper to understand how much value does your content add to their daily feed. Is it entertaining, inspiring, educative, informational and most importantly, relevant to your target audience? Cater to what’s in it for them.

Lastly, insert that CTA. In a pool of constant choices, don't leave your audience without that definitive prompter. Based on the platform, analyse, have you inserted that link, the call button, or the WhatsApp icon? You get the gist, don’t you?

Fulfil your ABCs, always.

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Get To Know Your Audience

Humans are hopelessly social creatures and while being forced to remain distanced, more and more people are seeking for human interaction.

Tap into this!

Engage with your audience; host live informative webinars partnered with industry professionals, or even conduct a Q&A session while going live on Facebook & Instagram.

Be candid in sentiment which in turn evokes relatability. If you're a service-centred business or professional, host virtual workshops or classes.

Curate a fun filter, adapted for Snapchat or Instagram. Even better, launch a TikTok account, beautify the aesthetics of your socials, and potentially tap into cultivating your Pinterest feed. It will drive presence! The key here is engagement with your community which is unquestionably an essential hack to sustain and further grow it.

Study your audience and understand what keeps them engaged. Monitor the timings, duration, media type. Invest that time, and really get to know your audience. Watch those insights, and dive into analytics - the numbers don't lie. There are always top-of-the-game social media agencies in Dubai (like us 😉) to aid you with this.

Another hack would be to use those social tools at your disposal. Create stories a minimum of once a day to ensure you're always in sight, introduce and link your products to Instagram shop, ensure all your operational timings and social platforms are synchronised.

Go that extra mile and create platform-specific content, as opposed to repeating the same piece of content on every channel. In fact, go ahead and invest time in a weekly blog.

After all, while content is king, engagement is queen and they essentially go hand in hand.

Do NOT Spam Your Audience! Repeat Once Again. Do Not Spam!

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Yes, we are well aware of targeting, and retargeting however that is no excuse for flooding their feed. Less is always more.

Pushing out more content reduces your per post engagement and would easily be considered the biggest social taboo. Retrace to the above point (Get to know your audience), and push out content on the times that they are most active at.

You, as the brand custodians, social media marketers, and digital marketing agencies, must regularly refine your tactics in devising high-quality content (over high-quantity) to maximise engagement.

Understanding when to post on each platform is one powerful way to stay a step ahead and make your content count in an overcrowded internet minute. In fact, we always recommend using scheduling tools to map out your content beforehand, while ensuring each post goes out on time.

Influencer Marketing is the New Normal

Granted that this new medium of advertising has been around for a while now, with time it had grown to be quite an expensive arrangement.

According to influencer marketing platform Fohr, 58% of influencer campaigns have been paused and 18% have been cancelled. Given the current halt during this time, 48% of influencers are reducing their rates for sponsored content, with an average saving of 30% for brands.

Aid your brand with this to encompass a truly omnichannel presence with influencer marketing. Even better, look at the options of content curators, and partner up with the micro-influencers to acquire a social wave. Reach out to social media agencies in Dubai to assist you in scouting the right brand ambassadors.

Work With an Expert

Nurture a co-create method. Collaborating with a specialist enables you to spread further, quicker.

With the vision anchored to your brand's ethos, a digital media agency will always be that unbiased facilitator of administering brand adapted content that is tactical and strategic, while striking the perfect balance of audience engagement and user-generated content. Outsource it to professionals, we are here at your disposal!

Blue Beetle is a digital marketing and website production agency based out of Dubai with a sweet spot for the hospitality, leisure and events sector but with over 16 years of experience across the board.

P.S. Test yourself. How suave is your social media game? Take this quiz to gain insight.

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