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April 18, 2019

Does the HubSpot CRM Work Well in Dubai

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRMs in the world today. Entering the market in 2004, HubSpot quickly skyrocketed to star-like status as an intuitive CRM for the people - free to get started, easy to use, jam-packed with advanced features and a support service that is free for users at any level.

There is a lot to love about the HubSpot CRM, businesses across the globe will attest to that, but is it the right CRM for Dubai businesses? Let's take a more in-depth look.

Dubai's Changing Digital Landscape

Dubai is a special city with an ever-changing market and new residents coming in and out all the time. As far as digital adoption goes, Dubai businesses have been a little slow on the uptake when compared to other parts of the world, but with the new Smart City initiative, it is anticipated that digital progress is going to increase at a rapid rate.

The Dubai government's commitment to technical innovation means visitors and residents will experience a citywide smart transformation that enhances people's experience of Dubai through technology. As the city develops to enhance visitor and residents experiences, the expectations of the people are going to increase; it is only fair that they will expect the service and customer experience delivered on the street to cross over into the local restaurant, spa, or any other business they interact with.

With these changes planned to come in rapidly, Dubai businesses need to boost their customer service, satisfaction and experience, or risk being left behind as the city evolves beyond them. To do this, they need a quality CRM that can help them to manage their customer relationships, and grow the scale of their initiatives as they grow.

What Dubai Businesses Need in a CRM

The CRM needs of businesses in Dubai are generally going to be different from that of other cities; therefore, we want to take a look at each of the primary needs and discuss whether or not HubSpot meets those needs.

Speedy Implementation

Many organisations hold off on adopting new software because they are worried about the downtime or extra time needed to implement and get it functional. Whether an organisation has a CRM in place already or not, Dubai is a fast-paced and competitive city, and delays can derail success.

HubSpot is one of the most straightforward CRM tools to signup to and, once signed up, the platform is designed to guide businesses through each stage of the setup process effortlessly; from understanding how to input contact details, to setting up deals and migrating data.

Extensive Support

Another excuse many businesses have for failing to adopt a CRM is that they lack someone with the right skills to manage the platform. Depending on the platform, this can be a legitimate excuse. However, if we're talking about HubSpot, that's simply not an issue.

HubSpot is number one when it comes to user support. They offer all of their user's free live support and have an extensive library of information online from blogs, e-books, guides, research and reports, all the way through to courses and certifications so that even the most novice of staff can upskill to become an inbound marketing and customer relationship whizz.


When working in a small market like Dubai, it can be challenging to juggle all of the platform costs that tend to come up. With most business software platforms coming at a cost, Dubai businesses need solutions that are reasonably priced or offer free entry solutions to get started.

HubSpot starts as a free CRM, which then offers options to add on advanced features at a cost, making it the best CRM option for Dubai businesses that rely on flexible solutions to meet their needs within their budgets.

Services That Grow as the Business Grows

Dubai changes fast, and so too do its businesses. In this megacity, it's essential for organisations to implement a CRM that can grow and support them at the rate in which they will grow and change; whether it's a small business or one rapidly expanding to the enterprise space.

HubSpot's widespread popularity comes from its ease of use and limitless adaptability. They have the best free CRM on the market and offer a comprehensive range of advanced plans in Sales, Marketing and Service to meet the needs of every organisation as they grow.

For small and large businesses alike, HubSpot is recognised as a leading CRM for Dubai companies.

So does HubSpot CRM work well in Dubai? With its ease of use, ability to grow with rapidly changing businesses, uber affordability and top quality free support, the answer is a resounding: yes 👍

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